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Models:    - EPT/HEX-4000
CIPS, DCVG, and Data Logger GPS Survey Instrument
Sophisticated survey (CIPS, DCVG, CIPS+ DCVG) , and local Data logger instrument equipped with a GPS engine that can accurately measure the Rectifier ON and OFF potential at each reading stamped with GPS coordinates, distance, UTC time. Beside its logging features, it is powerful and an accurate equipment for detecting and tracking the escaping currents of pipelines by using its barcode display option in DCVG mode.
  • Large 240 X 64 Graphics Color LCD Display and 28 tactile keys Keypad
  • Sampling rate 1– 10 seconds Cycles and 0.2- 6 seconds OFF in survey and 1- 64000 seconds in local logging mod
  • 12 Satellite GPS engine visible all around the world, WASS enable, UTC time option
  • 2GB MMC Memory , and ability to download information, to your personal computer
  • Ability to work and analyze the information in EXCEL or its software
  • Ability to work with any other interrupter that use the NACE standard Interruption logic
  • GPS Data logger in survey (CIPS, DCVG, and CIPS +DCVG)
  • High input impedance (2000 Mega ohm)
  • No interruption, High and Low, and GPS Synchronized survey options
  • Local Data logger with 4 independent channels equipped with active filters to reject the power line interference
  • Rugged Aluminum Case
  • Includes: GPS mounted backpack wire dispenser, two half cell extension poles with CuCuSo4, universal battery charger, cables, carrying case, manual, and one spool of survey wire.
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