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GAP A LET- Socket Weld Contraction Rings

What is it?
Gap-A-Let is a split ring that is engineered and designed to give you a pre-measured 1/16" minimum gap for socket welds. Made from a certified stainless steel, Gap-A-Let resists corrosion from chemicals, radioactive materials and water.
Gap-A-Let’s spring tension makes it fit tightly into all standard sized fittings from 1/4" to 5". (Non-standard sizes are available upon request). Once inserted into the fitting the Gap-A-Let ring becomes a permanent part of the joint. It will not rattle or vibrate even under extreme pressure.
Where is it used?
Designed for use on any socket weld application, Gap-A-Let rings are suitable for power piping (nuclear, conventional), industrial hydraulics, welded railroad air brake piping, petrochemical plants, fertilizer plants, shipbuilding, and the list goes on.
What does it do for you?
Socket welds that once took 15 minutes or more to fit-up now take just seconds. There is no measuring, scribing or re-measuring. Just pop the Gap-A-Let into the fitting and insert pipe into the fitting. Gap-A-Let socket weld contraction rings automatically set the required 1/16" minimum gap so you’re ready to weld.
And because there rings are so easy to use, they eliminate some of the problems of socket welding. No longer is there the problem of error commonly caused by guessing the gap. Nor is there the need to scribe into hard-to-mark metal pipe walls with the danger of encroaching on minimum wall thickness. With Gap-A-Let rings quality control inspectors can concentrate of the QUALITY OF THE WELD and not spend all their time measuring for proper gapping. And since the costly problem of cracked welds due to improper gap is practically eliminated, your pipes can safely transport fluids the first time and every time.
A plus for piping engineers
Gap-A-Let rings help piping engineers determine end-to-end length of pipe without guessing. Constant, proper gap gives precise length whether in field run or fab shop assembly.
Three easy steps make proper 1/16" minimum gap socket welds in seconds
Fitter compresses Gap-A-Let® ring to fit into pipe fitting.
Fitter seats ring into fitting. Spring tension holds ring tightly in place, assuring no rattling or vibration even under extreme pressure. Ring actually becomes a permanent part of the joint.
Fitter inserts pipe into fitting. Gap- A-Let® ring automatically assures the required minimum gap (1/16") to meet the code requirements of ANSI 31.1 Section III, ASME & military codes.
ROPER Socket Weld Fit-Up In One-Tenth The Time
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