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Half Cell Reference Electrode Fontana-101C
Copper- Copper Sulphate Half Cell

Fontana Instruments offers new portable half-cell reference copper- copper sulphate electrode to measure electrical potentials for corrosion engineers quickly at site. The copper sulphate half cell reference electrode is most commonly used to contact the soil. Measurement of CP potential is most practical and economical criteria to consider in testing for the existence of corrosion on any buried and coated pipeline. For measurement of potentials half cell plug of the copper sulphate electrode is placed firmly against the moist soil at a position relative to the top of the buried pipe



Rugged chemically resistant and full window area viewing tube body made from special plastic. Long term saturated copper- copper sulphate solution-retaining capability. Specially designed low resistance porous conical ceramic tip. Excellent shelf life and highest sensing allows measurements with stability. Quick connection with knurled holder to avoid error in measurements. Capability to connect extension handles for PSP survey. Each half cell reference electrode is filled with pure copper sulfate crystals. Just add distilled water and start using half cell.

Applications: Reference cell without chlorides are recommended.

Dimensions: 32mm OD x 175mm long (1.25” x 7” long) 7.5 Oz (220gms)

Stability : ± 5mv

Temperature: 0-50º C

Certification: Every batch is tested and factory test certificate provided.

Safety: Material safety data sheet also available on request.

Shipping: Reference cells are shipped quickly based on quantity ordered

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