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DCVG Holiday Detector

Models:    - EPT-4000
It is powerful and an accurate equipment for detecting and tracking the escaping currents of pipelines.
Sophisticated electronic Milli voltmeter with a 20000 Mega-Ohm input resistance. Analog DCVG Holiday detector is able to detect very low voltage gradients and provide an easy method of finding any coating defect in a pipeline by using analog panel meter. Not only DCVG Holiday Detector is able to show ON and OFF voltage gradient of the pipeline, but it’s also able to show the difference between ON and OFF in interruption mode.
  • Robust and fully portable
  • Waterproof box
  • Highly accurate of finding Coating defect
  • Ability to find 1 ”millivolt” voltage gradient
  • Ability to work as a direction current detector
  • Easy to use in deserts, on asphalt or concrete
  • Highest input resistance in the world (20000 Mega Ohm)
  • Stabilized and filtrated against AC and stray currents.
  • Locates electrical short circuits
  • Flexible pogo sticks
  • High impedance Reference Electrodes (Cu/CuSO4)
  • Chargeable Batteries and Indicators
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