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Corrosion Testing Instruments & Accessories


Accelerated Corrosion
  Cathodic Disbonding Tester (4 Channel)
  Cathodic Disbonding Tester (4 Channel) with software
  Cathodic Disbonding Tester (2 Channel)
  Sand Bath Cathodic Disbonding Tester
  Corrosion Coupons Discs
  Corrosion Coupons Strips
  C-ring testing equipment and accessories
  Rapid Chloride Permeability Test Equipment / RCPT test apparatus
  DCB specimens as per NACE TM0177-96
  Hydrajaw Pull Testers
  Rebar Corrosion Voltmeter
  Stress Corrosion Cracking SSCC proof rings as per NACE TM0177-96
  Bent-Beam Test as per NACE TM0177-96
  Four point bent test rigs or jigs or fixtures as per ASTM / NACE
  HIC / SOHIC Evaluations per NACE Standard TM0284-96
  Alloy Autoclaves to perform tests in high-temperature, H2S environments
  Humidity, Constant load, Corrosion fatigue, and fracture mechanics testing
  Indentation Test Baths for Coating Lab
  Polarization resistance and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  Pre-weighing and post exposure analysis services as per ASTM
  Salt Spray Testing Apparatus
  Test coupons, holders, racks, and electrodes, for use in the oil, gas,  petrochemical, water, nuclear, and civil industries
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