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Internal Conductive Brushes

This type of brush can be sometimes specified for Pinhole / Holiday testing on delicate type coatings. Three different types of conductive rubber probe can be supplied for the Holiday Detector / Pin-hole Detector / Spark testers.

Conductive rubber brushes are useful for field joint coating of pipeline coatings and small repair patches and even thin film applications of coatings.

Internal conductive brushes are also supplied in circular design for internal coating inspection of pipelines. For long length of internal inspection, we offer extension sticks with roller attachments for easy movement.

Relevant standards ASTM F941, ISO 8502, ISO 8503, SSPC etc

NACE standards describes the relevant details for coating application, inspection requirements, and marine surface preparation. 

This item is made of conductive neoprene pieces sandwiched between aluminum disks. Two such plates, joined with bolt of holding electrode for the inspection of internally coated pipes. To use an internal electrode, a high voltage cable must be inserted through the pipe, with one end connected to the holiday detector and the other end connected to the internal electrode. Internal conductive brush is supplied with one roller attachment. Always specify make of holiday detector while ordering.



Part Numbers

SA505 - Rubber, 180° in line, 200mm blade, 200mm extension
SA515 - Rubber, 180° in line, 450mm blade, 200mm extension
SA506 - Rubber, Right angle, 200mm blade, 200mm extension
SA507 - Rubber, Right angle, 450mm blade, 200mm extension
In addition to flat brush, we also offer circular conductive rubber brushes from 4” to 48” diameter.

Conductive probes are also supplied made from brass or bronze and steel wires.

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