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Coating Thickness Gauge Eban 4000

The Eban 4000 (Standard) Coating Thickness Gauge easily measures all coatings on metallic substrates using the magnetic induction or eddy current principles, ensuring the correct coating thickness has been applied.

One of the most advanced, easy to use Coating Thickness Meters on the market, the Eban 4000 uses the most up-to-date technology, and offers a small, portable instrument incorporating all the required user functions.

This Standard model includes the following functions, accessible through a
menu-driven display: Back Light, Battery Life%, Micron / Mil conversion,
Mean / Average, No. of Readings, Max / Min, Coefficient of Variation,
Standard Deviation, Hi / Lo Limits, Profile and Personalised Name.

For ease of use, all Eban 4000 Coating Thickness Meter models come complete with flexible lead measuring probes.

Complies with International Standards:
Ferrous Models: ISO 2178, ISO 2808-6Aa, BS 5411-11, BS 3900-C5-6Aa,
BS EN ISO 1461, ASTM B 499, DIN 5098 and prEN ISO 19840.
Non-Ferrous Models: ISO 2360, ISO 2808-6Ba, BS 5411-3, BS 3900-C5-6Ba,
BS 5599, ASTM D 1400, ASTM B 244 and DIN 50984.
Ferrous and Non Ferrous Models: ASTM E 376 and all the Standards listed above.

Calibration Certificates having traceability to UKAS are available for both the Eban 4000 and the Calibration Foils.

Various models are supplied with Measuring Probes, set of 8 Calibration Foils, Zero Disks and Carrying Case. Please specify your need to provide details

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