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Caltech Engineering Services

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Coating Inspection Instrument & Testing Kits
   Surface Profile Gauge- Analogue
   Bresle Test Kit
   Chloride Test Kit - Abrasive
   Chloride Test Kit - Surface
   Chloride Test Kit - Water / Liquid
   Coating Thickness Meter
   Coating Thickness Meter FN
   Coating Thickness Gauge EC-770
   Coating Thickness Gauge DFT
   PCB Copper Thickness Tester
   Conical Mandrel Bend Tester
   Corrosion Pit Gauge
   Cross Hatch Cutter
   Cross Hatch Cutter (Multi Cross Hatch Cutter Kit)
   Cross Hatch Cutter Accessories
   CSN Test Kit - Chloride / Sulfate / Nitrate
   Moisture Meter
   Dew Point Meters / Thermo Hygrometers
   Took Paint Inspection Kit
   Paint Thickness Gauge MG-105
   Paint Thickness Tester MG-105a
   Surface Profile Gauge- Digital
   Dust Test Tape Kit
   Digital Adhesion Tester
   Dust Evaluation Tape
   Fineness of Grind Gauge (Hegman Gauge)
   Gloss Meter
   UV Grating Spectrometer
   Gloss Meter - Intelligent 60°
   Gloss Meter - Intelligent 20/ 60 / 85°
   Gloss Meter - Small Aparature60°
   Precision Colorimeter NR145
   Holiday Detector HD-830
   Holiday Detector HD-05
   Holiday Detector / Pinhole Detector PD990
   Jeep Meter
   Holiday Detector - External Spring Electrodes
   Holiday Detector - Internal Brushes
   Holiday Detection - Extension Rod
   In-plant Holiday Detector
   Hydraulic Adhesion Tester
   Hypodermic Needle Pressure Gauge
   Infrared Thermometer
   Inspection Manual ISO8501-1, SIS 055900 - Swedish Standard Booklet
   Inspection Manual of Coating Defects / Fitz's Atlas
   ISO Surface Roughness Comparator
   Coating Thickness Gauge- Magnetic Banana
   Magnetic Thermometer
   Multi-purpose gauge / Master Paint Plate
   Paint Evaluation Tool (PET)
   Paint Inspectors Kit for Shop floor / Workshop / Site
   Scratch Hardness Tester Manual
   Scratch Hardness Tester Automatic
   Specific electrical insulation resistance tester
   Pictorial Standards NACE, SSPC
   Pencil Hardness Tester
   Potassium Ferricyanide Test Kit
   Paint Resistivity Meter
   Pressure Blast Analyzer Gauge
   Pull-Off Adhesion Tester -PosiTest
   Rotary Abrasion Tester
   RH%- Dewpoint Meter
   Spring Loaded Roller Apparatus
   Testex Tape / Press-O-Film
   Testex Snap Gauge
   RAL Shade Card / Color Card
   RAL P1 Plastic Card
   RAL P2 Plastic Card
   Ultrasonic Steel Thickness Meter - Prosonic
   Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge- MT-160
   Multi Mode Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge- MT-600
   Through Coating Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge- MT-660
   Surface Temperature Indicator
   Wet Film Thickness Gauges (Plastic Disposable)
   Wet Film Thickness Gauges - Stainless Steel Rectangular
   Wet Film Thickness Gauges - Stainless Steel Hexagonal
   Wet Film Wheels
   Whirling Hygrometer
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Caltech Engineering Services

D-104, Twin Arcade, Military Road, Marol, Andheri (East), Mumbai- 400 059 India
Tel: (+91-22) 29204050 / 29201454 Fax: (+91-22) 29250932 Email: