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TOMKAT 2 - Cable and Pipe Locator
Tomkat 2 Locator - Speaker grill at the top of the locatorThe TOMKAT 2 Cable Locator is a full function industry standard pipe and cable locator, designed and manufactured by Pact Services-UK.

Better in design, the TOMKAT 2 is rugged, lightweight and packed full of features including a detachable speaker that can be held close to the ear for use in noisy environments.
Tomkat 2 Locator - front viewTomkat 2 Locator - Rear view 












  • Lightweight – the tester only weighs 1lb 2oz.

Fingertip controls allow for adjustment of the sensitivity control and enable rapid switching between the TOMKATS three operating modes.

The TOMKAT 2 is a very effective Cable Locator and is also used for the location of buried pipes and mains to a depth of 3 meters with three location modes for ease of use.          

The Impressor is best suited for testing homogenous materials. Materials of granular, fibrous or coarse structure will produce a wide variation in hardness readings because of the small diameter of the indenter point.
For accurate readings, material should be at least 1/32” thick and large enough for a minimum distance of 1/8” in any direction from the indenter point to the edge of the specimen. The testing area should be smooth and free from mechanical damage.
Simply exert pressure against the instrument to drive the spring-loaded indenter point onto the material. The indenter point must be perpendicular to the surface being tested. On very soft metals, the highest reading should be used since cold flow permits the ing-loaded indenter point to continue penetration. It complies with ASTM D2583, NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards
The TOMKAT 2 Cable Locator is used to assist in the location of buried pipes and cables to a depth of 3 meters and offers three modes of location.

Locates live cables radiating a detachable signal.

Locates buried metallic conductors carrying a detachable vlf signal.

Locates buried metallic conductors carrying a detachable signal by induction or connection using the signal generator.


TOMKAT 2 Cable Locator, used to locate buried cables & pipes

Technical Specification

Technical & all other specification subject to change without notice

On/Off Switch

Micro Switch

Mode selector

Power Mode

Used to locate live cables carrying a detectable signal

Radio Mode

Used to locate re-radiated radio signals

Generator Mode

Used to locate conductors carrying a signal supplied by the signal generator

Sensitivity Control

Used to pinpoint the location of buried conductors

Speaker Assembly

An audible signal output via the waterproof detachable speaker assembly


8 x AA alkaline supplied fitted typical battery life 50 hours intermittent use.

Operating Temperature

-20C to + 50C

Location Accuracy

+ or - 10% of depth

Location depth (typically)

Power mode 3 meters in good conditions 2 meters in poor conditions
Radio mode 2 meters in good conditions 1 meter in poor conditions
Generator mode 3 meters in good conditions 2 meters in poor conditions


Power mode 50-3kHz
Radio mode 15-30kHz


The TOMKAT Cable Locator, detection and avoidance equipment is a simple to operate locator. It's very user friendly and requires NO RE-TRAINING as it operates in the same way as other currently available locators do. The manual download below also covers the operation instructions for the Sigen 2 signal generator.
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