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CP Voltmeter w/ Extension Stick

Caltech Engineering Services manufactured extension stick w/ digital voltmeter is highly useful for Cathodic protection survey.  Digital voltmeter is an extremely rugged new instrument for measuring the DC structure to earth potentials of various buried or submerged metal structures.

Using this instrument, you need not bend down, nor attach many connections. 

Using CP Voltmeter, Errors in measurement are reduced drastically because of specially made voltmeter for CP Survey.

Powered by 9 Volt Battery requires no push to read switch, and the solid-state integrated circuit has built-in filter to reject AC interference. Input resistance of 10 megohms (10 million ohms) of this instrument results in potentiometer quality voltage readings. The instrument measures direct reading in mV when connected with half-cell.



  • Housed in 3/4" (19.05mm) thick PVC pipe.
  • 9Volt battery; long life expectancy
  • Built-in battery tester
  • Digital display on panel.
  • No switch necessary to take readings
  • Integrated circuit design
  • Easy to plug half cell for measurements

This versatile meter may also be used without the reference electrode to measure direct current potentials from 0 to 5 volts, such as potentials across an insulated flange, anode to structure, or structure to structure. Study the features and specs and you'll see why corrosion experts agree that the DV-05 offers greater benefits.


Range: 0-5000 mV DC, Resolution: 1 mV, Accuracy: +2% Sensitivity: 2 Volts

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DV-05 Digital CP Voltmeter
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